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Summary: Various personal information may be collected during the process of creating user accounts, submitting orders and browsing the website. This will all be stored and secured with due regard to applicable data protection laws. In addition, should you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, basic information (Name, Email, IP) will be transferred to Mailchimp.
* If you would like more detailed information, for example: specific data we collect and how we use it; how we safeguard it; how long we retain it for; and your rights with regard to your data, please read our full PRIVACY POLICY.


Summary: WooCommerce and WordPress cookies are used on this site to assist with the shopping cart and payment process, along with PayPal cookies if this is used as the payment method. There may also be cookies set as a result of embedded links to sites such as Youtube and Bandcamp.
* If you would like more detailed information, for example: which cookies are set by our website and any service providers or third parties; what their purpose is; and how you can manage cookies, please read our full COOKIES POLICY.


Summary: All shipments are fully insured via our third-party shipping insurance. The only difference between the services is the tracking available, and the delivery times. We will make every effort to ship within 1 working day after funds have cleared into our account. We will supply you with tracking information when the parcel is on its way, which you can use to track the parcel via the relevant website.

* More detailed information can be found in our full DELIVERY POLICY.


Summary: Unless otherwise indicated, all products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
We offer a 14-day period within which you can cancel the order and return the goods for a refund. The product must be returned in the same condition that it arrived in. If the product is unable to be sold “as new” due to damage caused through customer usage, we reserve the right to deduct the cost of such damage from any refunds. Marking of faceplates can largely be avoided through the use of plastic washers on any screws. This is strongly recommended.
Outside of this 14-day period, we will only accept returns in cases where the product is faulty. It is the customer’s responsibility to research the particular product to ensure that it meets their requirements and is technically compatible with the rest of their system. If a product is assessed to be faulty within 30 days a replacement will be offered, if available from stock. Outside of this period – or if a replacement is unavailable – we will take steps to get the item repaired and assist in liaising with the manufacturer in doing so. There may be times where we will recommend returning the product to the manufacturer directly, but again we will endeavour to make this process as painless as possible.
If you need to return a product, please contact Matttech Modular via email or telephone beforehand (details on our CONTACT page). We will provide you with all necessary details for returning the package.
Carefully check your power orientation when connecting to your modular system’s bus board, and that your case’s PSU can supply adequate power for the installed modules. Any faults caused by incorrect installation of the product(s) will not usually be covered by these terms & conditions.
* More detailed information can be found in our full TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE.


Summary: You may use the Matttech Modular website for the usual purposes of purchasing goods and accessing posts. The copyright in images and text used remains with Matttech Modular and/or the various originators of the material. originators of the material.
* More detailed information with regard to the permitted use of our website and your user account can be found in our full ONLINE SHOP POLICY.

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Please don’t let any of this ominous-sounding stuff put you off the world of modular synths – many, many people enjoy building and using modular synthesizer systems every day without any significant catastrophes!