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ZVERB (Black)

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Compact stereo 8HP reverb effect module with voltage controlled parameters.

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ZVERB is a collection of all new reverb algorithms developed by Tiptop ranging from typical reverbs to more complex effects that combine delay and pitch shifting with reverb. The effects are grouped by decades based on either the era an algorithm was introduced or the time when the effect was most popular. This variety of reverbs covers small to epic size spaces with the addition of shimmering, feedback tunneled pitch shifting, tape delay drivers, gated reverbs and a lot more. Analog clocking of the DSP chip and CV over the parameters enables even more experimentation. This is a collection inspired by the best from the past right at your fingertips.

ZVERB is based on the same audio DSP technology as the Z-DSP multi-effects module and benefit from nearly a decade of experience designing algorithms for it. Tiptop R&D developed all of the programs on ZVERB in house over several years. These algorithms are inspired by some of the most important digital reverb devices since the late 1970s, from very high end studio devices to low cost 1U rack units for home studios and touring musicians.

70s Programs:

The 1970s saw the introduction of programmable digital technology to the audio industry. The first half of the decade featured primitive delays followed by the first pitch shifters, but by the late 70s enough processing power and memory was available to do algorithmic reverb (and other effects). This bank features interpretations (not emulations or clones) of the first generation of digital reverb.

80s Programs:

Digital technology hit every part of life in the 1980s and the audio field was no exception from samplers and recorders to a quickly expanding range of effects processors. For the first time ‘budget’ products put reverb and other effects in the hands of home and touring musicians. The 80s bank of ZVERB features some of the important and iconic algorithms of the decade.

90s Programs:

Processing power increased and the size of electronics decreased in the 90s giving both much more advanced high end devices and more affordable low cost units. This bank focuses on some of the higher end algorithms of the era which have interesting combinations of delay, pitch, modulation and reverb.

About the new range of Tiptop Audio Effects:

ZVERB, ECHOZ and the Z5000 are powerful stereo DSP effects modules in a compact 8HP panel. Although only 8HP in size, all controls are immediately available with clear labelling, making them quick, comfortable and easy to use. Each button accesses a bank of different effects types for up to 24 effects per module.

These effects are a blend of newly developed programs and ones carefully selected from Tiptop’s library of hundreds of effects created over 10 years for the classic Z-DSP processor module. While the effects algorithms play a major role in making these modules sound impressive, an internal analog clock circuitry drives the DSP chip adds to the lush and warm audio processing. With ZVERB, ECHOZ and the Z5000, Tiptop Audio effects have never been so accessible.

Width: 8hp
Depth: 40mm
Power: 130mA @ +12V @ / 20mA @ -12V