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Character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. Includes V-CV Expander, which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels.

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Vortices, from Steady State Fate (SSF) is an audio character mixer designed to emulate and accentuate the saturation-compression effects and frequency response of vintage analog consoles and tape machines. It features a total of 14 inputs and 7 outputs in a relatively compact 16hp form factor (18hp with VCA CV expander).

It is easy to miss some of the features that Vortices offers at first glance (we did!) – so it’s worth giving it a second look. For example, there are actually TWO mixers in it – one mono, and one stereo – with a myriad of options for tonal, spectral and amplitude control…whether by hand or via voltage control.



6 channel Mono Mixer including 4 attenuated inputs with tape saturation and level control, hard limiting and high frequency tone shaping.

  • VC Panning on Channels 1 & 4
  • VC Cross-Fading on Channel 2 & 3
  • 2 Auxiliary Mono inputs
  • Stereo Output
  • Direct Cross-Fader Output

8 channel Stereo Mixer (4 stereo pairs) including 3 attenuated inputs with lighter coloration, hard limiting and a brighter frequency response.

  • L>R Normalized to accommodate mono signals
  • 1 Auxiliary Stereo input
  • Stereo Output

Vortices has a Master Mix Output. It also features a Stereo Jack Master Mix Output on the back of the PCB.

V-CV Expander (included free with Vortices):

As an optional extra, the 2hp Vortices V-CV expander adds voltage control of the signal level/saturation for the 3 stereo and 4 mono main inputs. With V-CV connected the functioning of Vortices remains the same.

Once a Control signal is patched, the respective channel attenuator adjusts the level of the incoming CV, allowing level and saturation to be automated. The CV source should be near 10V for full scale behavior.

November 2021 update:

As another alternative configuration there is now the new V-MUTES Expander (SOLD SEPARATELY) which integrates the level CV of the V-CV Expander with added click-less muting on all 7 of these VCA-controlled inputs ….as well as a MASTER mute function that can mute all 7 channels simultaneously.

So… you can run VORTICES with no expanders when space is at a premium; with the included 2hp expander if you want to employ voltage-controlled mixing/saturation; or swap your V-CV out for the mega-expander V-MUTES, for ultimate interactive performance control over your musical elements. The choice is yours!


Vortices (Main module)

Width: 16hp
Depth: 26mm
Power: 84mA @+12v / 101mA @-12v 

V-CV (Expander)

Width: 2hp
Depth: 23mm
Power: 0mA @+12v / 0mA @-12v