Vibrazum v2

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Versatile triple multimode VCF capable of subtle to extreme tone shaping

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Vibrazum V2 is a new updated version of the Patching Panda Vibrazum – with an improved layout, and extended controls.

Vibrazum V2 is a versatile triple multimode VCF capable of subtle to extreme tone shaping. The shared audio input enables use as a formant filter; however Vibrazum V2 shines at high resonance, where it becomes a gnarly tone-shaping tool of sonic destruction! Vibrazum V2’s wide frequency range can produce modulated snarls, nasal sweeps, and pseudo-resonator response.

Vibrazum V2 features three independent filters that all share a single audio input. Channel 2 is bandpass, whilst channel 1 and 3 can be switched from bandpass to highpass or lowpass. Each of the three channels have a dedicated output, as well as a shared mix output.

Each channel has it’s own frequency control knob, and can be individually controlled with CV. Each channel is able to sweep through the entire frequency spectrum. Vibrazum V2 adds a new dedicated master shift control which allows you to sweep all 3 filters at the same time, either manually or with CV.

All 3 channels share a single global resonance knob and cv input.


  • Triple multimode filter bank
  • channels 1 & 3 switchable from bandpasss to highpass
  • shared signal input
  • individual signal outputs for all 3 filter channels
  • a signal mix output
  • individual frequency knobs and CV control inputs for all 3 filter channels
  • global frequency Shift knob, with CV control input and attenuverter
  • global filter resonance knob, with CV control input

Width: 14hp
Depth: Skiff-friendly
Power: 65mA @ +12V / 68mA @ -12V