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Headphone and stereo line out module, with attenuation and 3.5mm to 6.35mm conversion jacks.

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The Intellijel uJack is a very handy module for directly monitoring your system with headphones and as a convenient line level output to connect to amplifiers or recording devices.

The headphone amp is low noise and capable of driving high impedance studio headphones.


  • Headphone amp capable of driving high impedance headphones via 1/4″ stereo Neutrik jack
  • L and R +4dBv unbalanced line level outputs on TS 1/4″ Neutrik jacks
  • Switch for mono/stereo monitoring
  • Left input normalled to Right input
  • Individual level attenuators and global stereo headphone gain control
  • 6pin header on back of module and ribbon cable for connecting directly to the outputs of the Dubmix or Azimuth II.

Width: 6hp
Power: 17mA @ +12V @ / 17mA @ -12V