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Translucent M3 Nylon Washers for Eurorack Screws (Set of 50)

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Translucent M3 Nylon Washers for Eurorack Screws (Set of 50)

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If you buy lovely brand-new Eurorack modules, it is always advisable to invest in some washers to put on your screws. Using these will avoid the dreaded “rack rash” that can result from mounting the modules in your case. This cosmetic damage to the faceplates can reduce the secondhand sale price, and cause issues if you decide to return a module to a shop.

You’d be surprised how many unsuitable washers (and screws) we’ve bought over the years, because the product details on huge electronics websites can be a little, err…. “approximate”: they’ve ended up being horribly thin and flimsy; white rather than translucent; thicker than described…..and worst of all, really wide! (Nothing worse than a HUUUGE washer on a tiny screw…..but that *could* just be me…. )

So we’ve taken some photos ourselves, and shown them in situ to give you an idea how they look on their own, and also with our specific SCREWS. They are largely hidden behind these particular screws, but still do their job – protecting your brand spanking new kit from unnecessary blemishes 😉

Highly recommended!

Washer Thickness: 0.5mm
Pack size: 50 pieces