Tonestar 8106

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Fully-featured Analogue Synth Voice, with Roland Jupiter/Juno-flavoured VCF, Drive, Noise, Sub Generator & Comprehensive Patch Points

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The TONESTAR 8106 is a complete synth voice, infusing Studio Electronics designer Tim Caswell’s “Jupiter to Juno” filter alchemy into the Tonestar platform. This circuit features a 6db/oct hi-pass filter followed by a recreation of the Roland IR3109 module. This venerable filter chip was used in the following: SH101, MC202, JUPITER 4/6/8, JUNO 6/60/106, JX3p, MKS30 & PROMARS. You can’t argue with THAT lineage!

This chirpy yet full-bodied 8106 model features 27 pots – one more than the 2600 version, due to the high-pass filter; 6 switches – one less, sacrificing resonance modulation for that high-pass filtering…and 21 jacks.


  • VCO – discrete, through-hole, hand-matched transistor, built in America fat analog, highly stable over five oc-taves, separate output and mixable waveforms, pitch mod and PWM. Also featured are a powerful sub oscillator and white noise. All have separate audio outs for further mixing and processing.
  • VCF -A 6db/oct hi-pass filter followed by a recreation of the Roland® IR3109 module, which is a 4 pole, 24 db/oct voltage controlled lowpass filter with voltage controlled resonance. 3 dual OTAs with similar topology to the BA662 used in the Jupiter 8 (and the IR3109 module) were employed: 1 amp for the hi-pass filter, 4 (with added buffers) for the low-pass, and 1 for the resonance. This filter takes a wide range of input signals, and tracks control voltage extremely well. Although the topology is similar to the 4072, the tonality, especially when over driven, is distinct.
  • VCA – high quality, clean and punchy ..and fully patchable for in/out and CV control
  • ADSR – Envelope with trigger switch. The envelope section includes master/drone switches for extra flexibility.
  • AR envelope – same flexible routing as ADSR (to VCO, VCF, VCA, LFO and others)
  • LFO – full voltage control of speed and depth
  • Mixers and control VCAs – for control gain and mixing waveforms
  • Supremely flexible patch panel. You have full range of control inputs and outputs plus the musician can also break in and reroute the audio signal chain at various points for full modular flexibility.


  • VCO – pitch and PWM
  • VCF – cut-off and resonance
  • VCA – gain
  • External – audio input
  • LFO – depth and rate
  • ADSR – depth control, envelopes’ gate


  • VCO – separate waveforms, white noise, sub oscillator outs, audio out, Post VCF /pre VCA
  • LFO – wave output
  • ADSR – output
  • AR – output
  • VCA – output (audio out)


Width: 32hp

Depth: 35mm

Power: 130mA @ +12v / 80mA @ -12v