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Quad, Voltage Controlled 24db Cascade OTA Filter with Lowpass and Bandpass Outputs

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Tone is a quad, voltage controlled filter with low pass and band pass outputs. Its four channel architecture enables the intuitive patching of shimmering, polyphonic textures.

The 24dB slope provides a warm, buttery character. Self oscillation allows each channel to double as a sine wave oscillator with v/oct tracking across four octaves. The filter design uses Cascade OTA topology.

Tone can be used to immediately add 4 individual filters to any system, whilst also functioning as a perfect match for Qu-bit CHORD, or any other modules offering multiple/ polyphonic outputs (Synthesis Technology E370, Studio Electronics QUADNIC etc..)


  • Quad voltage controlled filter
  • 24 dB slope
  • Simultaneous low pass and band pass outputs
  • Self oscillation with v/oct tracking across four octaves


Width: 18hp

Depth: 34mm

Power: TBC @ +12v / TBC @ -12v