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TG2 Gristleizer Generator

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Oscillator/ LFO with Integrated Voltage-Controlled Wavefolder

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The Future Sound Systems Gristleizer Generator has been designed to replicate the original functionality of the Gristleizer’s oscillator section, but with many new additions. With a brand new design from Roy Gwinn, the TG2 Generator is far more stable than its predecessor, featuring 1V/Oct tracking amongst other features. However, as with its original, the TG2 spans from low frequency ranges into the audible range, and makes for a killer bass oscillator as well as a fully featured LFO.

The core of the oscillator is based around a shape-variable ramp generator, with similar functionality to that found in the Korg MS Modulation Generators. Here, the Shape control takes the Ramp output from a descending sawtooth, through triangle, to an ascending sawtooth shape. This varying ramp waveform is then input to a wave-folder, which outputs both Fold and Pulse waveforms, based on how the Gain and Offset controls are set. Lastly, the original ramp waveform is fed into a comparator for the Clock output, the pulsewidth of which is variable using the Shape control.

The Gain and Offset of the TG2’s wave-folder are both voltage controllable, as well as its Frequency via an attenuated control input and a 1V/Oct control input. The TG2 can also be reset by external sources via the Sync input.

Minimum oscillating frequency (with negative CV applied): 0.024Hz (42 seconds per cycle)
Maximum oscillating frequency (with positive CV applied): 500Hz

Width: 10hp
Depth: 26mm
Power: 34mA @ +12V @ / 31mA @ -12V