Tendrils RIGHT-ANGLED Cables 45cm (set of 6) BLACK

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Set of 6 slimline Eurorack (3.5mm to 3.5mm) patch cables, with right-angled (90 degree) jack plugs.

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Set of 6 slimline Eurorack (3.5mm to 3.5mm) patch cables, with right-angled (90 degree) jack plugs.

Tendrils are right-angled, slimline 3.5mm mono TS patch cables designed for live performance systems, close patch points and semi-permanent inter-connections. Their mouldings are 8mm wide & 12mm high, allowing the cables to lay flat along the panel, and be patched closely together in any orientation. Knobs, switches and controls are more easily accessible, interfaces, touch surfaces and graphical displays are unobstructed. Put simply, there’s a lot more clearance and a lot less cable clutter!

Tendrils are also thinner and lighter than regular patch cables, so they’re perfect for travel applications where weight is an issue, such as flying on airlines with a fully patched system in a carry-on case. They’re less bulky, but no compromises are taken in their construction, incorporating a 26 AWG copper wire gauge, spiral shielding and a flexible strain relief, with all solder points encapsulated inside a moulding with a textured surface for extra grip.

These are superb for setups where standard minijack cables would protrude too much. Examples could include:

  • Putting together live systems, where the setup is patched in advance, and the lid of the case needs to be closed during transit without impacting the connected cables
  • Using modules where easy access is required to controllers such as joysticks, touchscreens, touchpads – but the designer has put the jack sockets at the bottom of the module, meaning that standard cables would get in the way if you used your system flat on a desk. Angled cables would keep nicely out of the way of your wiggling fingers!