System X Envelope (Black)

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100M-based ADSR Envelope

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System X Envelope was the second module to be released in Frequency Central’s Roland System 100M clone series. It is a very well regarded envelope, and unsurprisingly is Frequency Central’s most popular module, ticking all the boxes for a design of this type. Envelopes are a very personal matter of taste – but many users of the System X Envelope have praised its particularly snappy, musical response.

Although voltage-controlled envelopes obviously offer the ultimate in flexibility, more often than not a good, solid ADSR is all a patch requires – especially when used to control a system’s main output VCAs.

With full Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release controls in a 4hp format, the System X Envelope is a real workhorse of a module. In addition to these core controls, it boasts the following useful features:

  • A range switch for fast/ slow response.
  • A positive (normal) and inverted output

In 4hp this is an excellent choice as a simple, but effective ADSR envelope.


Width: 4hp

Depth: 60mm

Power: 10mA @ +12v / 10mA @ -12v