Squawk Dirty To Me

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6hp stereo digital filter with 8 different modes, zero-delay feedback, additional Highpass and Meta CV scanning.

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Squawk Dirty to Me from Endorphin.es is a simple and effective 6hp digital stereo VCF.

It offers 8 filter modes, available with meta CV scanning, and featuring the famous zero-delay feedback Grand Terminal filters. Additional hi-pass filters in series quickly cuts any boomy low end. It employs 48 kHz 16 bit digital audio stereo processing.

Filter modes:

  • 24 DB/OCT TRANSISTOR LADDER zero-delay feedback low-pass filter: Modelled after the famous Minimoog filter.
  • MS-20 12 DB/OCT zero-delay feedback OTA-low-pass filter: Be careful, that filter has very powerful and dirty resonance
  • 12 DB/OCT LO-PASS GATE, non-resonant zero-delay feedback filter where instead of the resonance, we control the DECAY closing time of the virtual vactrol. While ‘pinging’ Cutoff CV with a short pulse of voltage and adjusting the decay will give us that distinct ‘Buchla Bongo’ sound.
  • 12 DB/OCT RESONANT LO-PASS GATE – variation of the zero-delay feedback vactrol filter model III with fixed fast decay and full control over the resonance. The resonance of the sound is ringing, just as it may be expected from a typical LPG.
  • 12 DB/OCT DJ ISOLATOR-STYLE BIPOLAR zero-delay feedback state-variable filter: Sound is unfiltered when the Cutoff knob is in the middle/noon position. It filters high frequencies/low-pass, when turning the knob CCW and filters low frequencies/hi-pass, when turning the knob CW from its middle position.
  • 12 DB/OCT HIGH-PASS STATE-VARIABLE FILTER: (zero delay feedback), single hi-pass on full knob range
  • 12 DB/OCT BAND-PASS STATE VARIABLE zero-delay feedback filter with ‘cutoff’ knob you choose band’s centre point and with Resonance knob the width of the band.
  • COMB FILTER: It recreates a series of harmonically related amounts of notch filters. In static state, it sounds similar to a phaser, but with modulation applied to the frequency it comes closer to a flanger.

Width: 6hp
Depth: 30mm
Power: 120mA @ +12v / 15mA @ -12v