Soleo Vero (Silver)

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Patch-through stroboscope tuner. Tune three (THREE! ) oscillators in 4 hp

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The Noise Engineering Soleo Vero is a 4HP stroboscope tuner for up to three oscillators. Patch directly through the SV to avoid patching and repatching. Stroboscope allows tuning across a range of octaves on the y…and even without audio monitoring. No more bumped oscillator surprises! Optional mode allows tuning to either the 440Hz and 432Hz standards.


  • In: three inputs, each normaled horizontally across the module to its output.
  • Through: output 1/2/3 Switch: selects which input is being tuned.
  • Note: Chooses which note you wish to tune to. Tap once to see current setting. Tap again to select another note. The selected note will be applied to all three channels.
  • Octave: The green octave readout gives a quick indication of the octave of oscillator’s pitch. Use to cross reference across channels. Flat/Sharp: blue LEDs that illuminate when coarse tuning an oscillator to tell you whether the oscillator is flat or sharp.
  • Stroboscope: The stroboscope portion of the display is the fine tuning readout. As with other stroboscope tuners, when the display stabilizes, the input oscillator is identical in pitch to the internal reference. As long as the strobe is stable or moving very slowly, the input oscillator will be in tune.
  • Mode: To change between A=440Hz and A=432 Hz tuning standard modes, power cycle the SV while pressing the Note button. The illuminated lights on the stroboscope at startup will indicate the current mode

Width: 4hp
Depth: 21mm
Power: 42mA @ +12v / 5mA @ -12v