Sinc Bucina (Black)

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Resonant lowpass VCF and VCA combo, with velocity-dependent Ping input for classic release-only LPG behavior, Gate in for more complex slewing & envelope out.

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The Noise Engineering Sinc Bucina is the sequel to one of our first modules, Sinclastic Empulatrix, replacing the clamping VCA with a resonant lowpass VCF and VCA combo. The velocity-dependent Ping input offers classic release-only LPG behavior, while the Gate in offers much more complex slewing, useful for simple ASR envelopes to dynamic modulation.  The envelope out allows the internal envelope to be routed out into a patch for even more versatility and modulation fun.

The first design of Sinc Bucina was created soon after Don Buchla’s death. Though electronically SB is a distant cousin of the original low-pass gates, it very much draws inspiration from Buchla’s pioneering early synthesizer work. This is technically our first analog filter. Sinc Bucina is a simple two pole low-pass filter with a following VCA. All sections are implemented with the SSI2164 VCA. We chose not to use vactrols for practical and environmental reasons, but the envelope generator is a very simple DRC network with a little complexity to give a touch of the vactrol temporal-nonlineary behavior.


  • Hit: Momentary button that sends a gate to the Gate In for as long as the button is pressed.
  • Attack: Sets the rise time for the slew. The Attack stage is bypassed if a trigger is sent to the Ping input.
  • Release: Sets the fall time for the slew.
    6/0/12: Sets the LPG’s behavior: resonant 6dB-slope low-pass filter, no filter (just VCA), or 12 dB-slope low-pass filter.
  • Ping: Amplitude-dependent trigger input. Sending a trigger to this input bypasses the Attack stage. Release time is set by the Release knob. Ping input is voltage dependent: a lower voltage trigger will open the VCA and VCF less than a higher voltage trigger, which allows for expressive and dynamic sequencing. 0-5v; +5v opens the VCA/VCF completely.
  • Gate: Slew input. Also voltage dependent: a lower voltage will open the VCA and VCF less than a higher voltage. Send a gate to this input for ASR envelope behavior, or send more complex signals in to be slewed, with rise rate set by Attack and fall rate set by Release. 0-5v.
  • Out: Envelope out.
  • Audio In: Audio into the VCF/VCA.
  • Audio Out: Audio out from the VCF/VCA.

Width: 4hp
Depth: 21mm
Power: 45mA @ +12v / 40mA @ -12v