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Voltage Controlled Parametric Equalizer / Dual Multimode Filter

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NOTE: From Sept 2015 Shelves has the previous Expander module integrated into its faceplate, taking its width from 16hp to 18hp, and providing additional dual LP/HP/BP outputs from its two parametric bands.

Mutable Instruments SHELVES brings to Eurorack modular systems something we are all very familiar with: the 4-band parametric EQ typically found in console channel strips. But this time, there’s CV control! The first band is a low-pass shelving filter, the fourth band a high-pass shelving filter, and band #2 and #3 have full-blown parametric controls with bandwidth (Q) adjustment. All analog.

Shelves will provide a subtler spectral shaping & coloring than standard multimode filters. Examples of potential usage include:

  • Insertion into the feedback loop of effects or more generally in feedback patches in which the slightest tonal change has drastic consequences.
  • A novel way of shaping sounds obtained by west-coast techniques
  • Use as a formant-ish filter
  • Emulation of the body of instruments in the context of physical modelling patches…
  • Use as a “pitch-tracking equalizer”, whereby the equalisation applied follows the pitch of a musical part (through use of its 1v/octave input)

Unlike console EQs, each band is not restricted to a narrow range of frequencies: it can be swept across the entire audio range, from 20 Hz to 20kHz – with unexpected phase cancellations or reinforcements when corrections compete in the same frequency range. All parameters have direct CV control. Global frequency and cut/boost CV inputs allow simultaneous CV control of all channels.

The right hand section provides two sets of multimode filter outputs, taken from the two  parametric mid-bands. Each provides simultaneous HP/BP/LP outputs.

Width: 18hp (Post Sept 2015 Version with integrated expander section)
Depth: 25mm
Power: 75mA @ +12V / 75mA @ -12V