Shape SH-1 Spectral Enhancer

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Combination of a compressor/limiter and a dynamically dependent spectral enhancer. Can also produce transient designer-like results, very “open sounding” distortion. 

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Shape SH-1 from DPW Design is a combination of a compressor/limiter and a dynamically dependent spectral enhancer. It works very well as a pseudo stereo device , where it can do everything from subtle to extreme spectrally-enhanced stereo spreading. It can also produce results similar in nature to a transient designer – or a very “open sounding” distortion. It is an all analog module.

It has a compression part that produces new harmonics depending on incoming material. The TRANSIENT and the TAIL parts of those harmonics are then separated out on separate channels so you can mix them with the clean and compressed parts in the mix section of the module. You also get all the parts out on separate outputs for further individual processing or when the Shape module is used as a mono to stereo effect.

DRIVE controls the amount of compression up to 10 times via 8 consecutive soft knees. The compression limits at +/-5V. TRIM is for optimizing the transient part depending on the incoming material.

The module can also be used as a sort of distortion that doesn’t make the sound more dense as it distorts, it goes in the opposite direction and adds “air” to the sound as it distorts.

On the AUX input you can add an other signal in to the calculation engine that will be processed together with the signal in on IN.


Width: 8hp
Depth: 29mm
Power: 40mA @ +12V @ / 20mA @ -12V