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Quad oscillator with super-saw functionality and built in “smart” VCA mixing

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The Instruo Saïch is a quad oscillator with super-saw functionality and built in “smart” VCA mixing. At its core are four fully analogue sawtooth waveforms that can be intervallically offset, individually and globally detuned, transformed and transposed, and mixed together in creative and interesting ways.

A perfect companion for the Harmonàig quantiser, it can easily create harmonically structured chord voicings perfect for lush subtractive patching. Paraphonic patching in analogue with Eurorack has now become considerably more convenient!

No quad quantiser in your system? Not to worry!
Saïch includes beautifully simple diatonic modes allowing for the creation of Ionian and Aeolian chord scales with a single 1V/octave CV source.

Features include:

  • Quad analogue oscillators
  • Smart VCA with 7 mix profiles
  • Global and individual detuning
  • Intervallic offsets
  • Sub oscillator modes
  • 1V/Oct tracking
  • Linear and exponential FM
  • Diatonic modes

For an overview of the features, check below:


Full manual:


Width: 12hp
Depth: 27mm
Power: 110mA @+12V / 90mA @-12V