Ruina Versio (Silver)

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Stereo distortion with wavefolding, octavizing, phase shifting, multiband saturation, notch filtering, and DOOM.

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The Noise Engineering Ruina Versio answers the age-old question: how many different types of distortion can we fit on a single module? The answer is a lot, as it turns out.

Need a wavefolder? We got a wavefolder. Want some multiband distortion? Of course you do! And that’s not even including the DOOM parameter! We also decided that Smoosh was a parameter we needed in our lives: press it and add 128dB of drive. Yes, you read that right: 128dB. Why have SOME drive when you can have ALL the drive?

DON’T FORGET! All Noise Engineering “VERSIO” modules can load each other’s firmware – essentially turning your reverb into a delay, or vice versa. Neat. There are also completely new alternative firmwares coming out – such as the AMPLA VERSIO, which turns your VERSIO module into an ADSR-controlled stereo VCA/MMF gate and chorus. Find out more HERE!

Main Settings:

  • Blend: Dry/wet balance control. When turned fully left, the unmodified input signal is passed through. Fully right, only the processed signal is heard. Points in the middle give you a mix of both.
  • Fold: Wavefolder, based on the Noise Engineering Infinifolder that appears on many modules like the Basimilus Iteritas Alter.
  • Center: Width and position of the multiband saturator center band
  • DOOM: Doom is a suboctave chorus. Imagine it like a suboctave generator, but evil: as you turn it up, the louder the suboctave is, and the more out-of-tune it becomes. In the top quarter of the knob, overtone buzz is added to the suboctave chorus. If you’ve ever wanted to emulate a swarm of bees descending on your waveforms, this is the knob for you.
  • Phase: Phase shifts the left and right signals to create stereo width and/or phasing effects.
  • Drive: Multiband saturator, inspired by our Seca Ruina module. Emphasizes the four different bands, isolating the lowest when turned fully counterclockwise and the highest turned fully clockwise. Blends through low, low-mid, high-mid, and high bands at other settings.
  • 8vize: A full-wave rectification distortion, inspired by our Pura Ruina module.LIM/DST/SH
  • Smoosh: Press or trigger with a gate for 128dB of gain.
  • In L/In R: Audio input. If R is not patched, the signal from L is normaled to both inputs.
  • Out L/Out R: Stereo output pair.

Further Features:

UND/X/OVR: Sets the signal flow:

  • UND: Fold -> DOOM -> Rectify -> Saturate
  • X: Fold -> Saturate -> Rectify -> DOOM
  • OVR: Fold -> DOOM -> Rectify -> Saturate -> Fold (again)

OFF/ON/TRK: Notch filter:

  • OFF: Off.
  • ON: Fixed-frequency notch at 1kHz.
  • TRK: Tracks the frequency of the Center knob.

Width: 10hp
Depth: 38mm
Power: 70mA @ +12v / 70mA @ -12v