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Quad Function / Envelope Generator

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Control voltages can be thought of in terms of shapes: vertically you change intensity and horizontally you play with time. When you modify both, you create waves, ramps, slopes and curves. The Intellijel Quadra offer four channels, each one linear or exponential, triggered or cycling, held or release. Shape your sound.

Quadra packs four versatile function generators into one 12 HP module. Each function can be set to three different modes, with wide ranging controls over ATTACK and DECAY.


  • Each function generator has 3 selectable modes:
    • AD (Attack – Decay)
    • AHR (Attack – Hold – Release)
    • Cycle (AD envelope loops)
  • The curve of each channel can be changed from linear to exponential.
  • Wide time range for attack/decay controls: <0.5 ms to well over 30 s.
  • All analog and discrete logic for function generation for totally smooth and continuous waveforms.
  • The Quadra Expander provides voltage control over each channel’s attack and decay times, as well as logical OR combinations and a special quadrature mode.

Width: 12hp
Depth: 38mm
Power: 98mA @ +12v / 53mA @ -12v