Quad Function Generator Model 281t

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Quad Function Generator, based on the 200-series Buchla Model 281. Designed in full collaboration with Buchla.

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Buchla & Tiptop Audio

Welcome to the Buchla & Tiptop Audio 200 series project. In this project Buchla has teamed up with Tiptop Audio to resume the production of Don Buchla’s 200 series and convert it to Eurorack standards. These extremely rare pieces of equipment made almost half a century ago will once again be available, and this time to a wide audience. Each module will be produced separately as production schedules and component availability allows.

Quad Function Generator Model 281t

The 281t Quad Function Generator comprises four function generators organized in two pairs. All four generators can operate independently or can be linked in pairs to generate more complex output voltages.

Quad Function Generator Model 281t manual 1

Quad Function Generator Model 281t manual 2

Width: 28hp
Depth: 32mm
Power: 160mA @ +12V @ / 55mA @ -12V