Pura Ruina (Silver)

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Three-stage CV-controlled fully-hyphenated full-wave rectifier/distortion designed for audio.

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The Noise Engineering Pura Ruina is a three-stage CV-controlled fully-hyphenated full-wave rectifier/distortion designed for audio.

Simple waveforms can be manipulated into completely new and exciting tones, and alreadycomplex sounds can be shredded into sonic oblivion. Add some CV and you’ll never want to let PR out of your rack!

Each stage has an individual level control with corresponding CV and individual out, as well as feeding to the universal Sum output. PR’s rectification creates a unique flavor of distortion unlike standard wavefolding or clipping.

The possibilities are virtually endless: add to a west-coast style complex oscillator setup for unique timbral shaping, annihilate a percussion mix through it, run its individual outs through other Ruina modules for further mayhem… You’ll never run out of awesome things to try, we promise. You know you want one.


  • 1: Dry signal volume.
  • 2: Single full-wave rectification stage volume.
  • 4: Double full-wave rectification volume.
  • 8: Triple full-wave rectification volume.
  • CV ins 1/2/4/8: CV control of volume for each stage. Knobs act as offsets for the CV inputs.
  • All CV: Simultaneous control of all four CV inputs
  • In: Audio input.
  • Outs 1/2/4/8: Individual outputs for each section.
  • Sum Out: Output for all four stages summed together.

Patch Tutorials

  • Patch 1: Patch a simple waveform (like a sine wave) to the In jack. Patch the Sum Out jack to your mixer. Adjust the knobs to see what kind of sounds PR can create.
  • Patch 2: Using the patch from the previous example, take a quad CV source like Mimetic Digitalis and modulate the 1, 2, 4, and 8 CV inputs to create tonally evolving sequences.
  • Patch 3: Patch a different type of sound (for instance, a percussive loop) and run it through PR. New sounds are waiting to be discovered!
  • Patch 4: PR can act as a complex VCA. Run an oscillator to the In jack and the Out jack to your mixer. Run an envelope to the All CV input. PR now controls the volume of your voice as well as adding harmonic complexity! For even more control, run the envelope through a mult and attenuators (like Sinc Defero) and modulate each section’s volume individually for more harmonic possibilities.

Input Voltages

  • All CV inputs on PR use a range of 0 – 5v.

Width: 8hp
Depth: 21mm
Power: 75mA @ +12v / 65mA @ -12v