Poly 2

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Eurorack MIDI to CV Converter Module with multiple CV/gate interfacing modes, MIDI in/out, USB and USB host, and much more.. 

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There are many excellent, functional MIDI tools and devices (DAWs, controllers, sequencers, keyboards, drum pads, etc.) and as many fantastic Eurorack modules. Poly 2 seamlessly connects these worlds thanks to its multiple inputs and outputs and loads of configurable parameters.

Connect your computer, smartphone to its USB port; your class compliant MIDI controllers via USB Host, and all the other device via the MIDI jack port. A whole array of analogue outputs give you the versatility to hook up loads of different types of modules. Easily adjust every setting you need thanks to the OLED screen with a straightforward menu system. Set, save and recall your the parameters with a click of an encoder.

We love MIDI, especially for its vast number of applications. In order to be compatible with every MIDI device, Poly 2 gives you a wide array of customisable parameters. It also works excellent with MPE devices.

On the other side, there are a lot of voltage norms. Poly 2 shines here too. With its various standards for Pitch and Gate, it gets together with Eurorack modules, Buchla and every other CV operated instrument.

Four modes, totally different possibilities:

  • FIRST and NEXT modes are perfect for building your unique polyphonic synthesizer.
  • CHANNEL mode lets you choose which MIDI Channel is responsible for which voice. This mode is what the majority of users utilise to connect DAWs or external sequencers.
  • NOTE mode translates data received from MIDI Notes C through G and directs them into the corresponding voices (no matter the octave). This scenario works excellent for triggering drums from drum pads or drum triggers.


  • Up to 8 voices (Gate + Pitch pairs) and 12 configurable outputs.
  • Full input and output customization (pitch standard, pitch bend, middle C, voltage standard, etc.).
  • Save and Recall your sets of parameters (plus autosave option).
  • Different Play modes (First, Next, Channel and Notes) for different use cases.
  • Musical scale filtering (allows you to generate instant musical results from any type of controller).
  • MPE compatibility.


Width: 14hp
Depth: 24mm
Power: 160mA @ +12V / 14mA @ -12V