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Unique Clock Divider, with Musical and Mathematical Divisions plus Manual Reset Button

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The Frequency Central Pocket Calculator is a clock divider module which outputs divisions both musically and mathematically. A wide range of rhythmic uses are available by using the two sets of outputs either in combination or individually.

Anyone who has used clock dividers will have come across the two different ways in which clocks can be divided. For example, one might desire a 16th note clock to be divided by 4 in order to produce a standard quarter-note kick drum part. If a mathematical divider is used, the first kick beat would actually start on the FOURTH 16th note, rather than bang on the FIRST as anticipated.

Pocket Calculator gets round this by offering both options, along with a RESET input/ button, for determining where the divisions “start”.

Use a combination of the outputs to create interesting, pseudo-sequenced rhythms – perfect for drum programming! Combine the various outputs in a Gate Combiner / OR Combiner to turn the module into a full gate sequencer.

Musical Division (LEFT OUTPUT)


Mathematical Division (RIGHT OUTPUT)



Width: 10hp

Depth: 35mm

Power: 20mA @ +12v / 10mA @ -12v