Orgone Accumulator

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Complex Digital Wavetable Oscillator with Internal Effects, FM, Sub-oscillator and a Drum Mode

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The ever so popular DIY kit is now available fully-assembled, with a new beautiful panel and new features. It is now professionally manufactured and distributed in Denver, CO. USA by WMDevices

The Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator is an unusual digital oscillator built on a 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 processor, and is a great addition for those looking to add versatility and variety to their eurorack systems. It can create sounds ranging from soft and subtle to outrageous and intense.


  • Dynamically crossfadeable waveforms
  • Modulation oscillator
  • PWM Sub Oscillator Output
  • Detune control
  • Filter-like harmonic content control
  • Internal Effects
  • Drum mode
  • CV control over: 3 Main Waves; Wave Scan; Effect; Mod Index; Mod Wave & Frequency
  • 1v/oct & Reset Input

Check the MANUAL out in order to get the full picture!


Width: 20hp

Depth: 22mm

Power: 115mA @ +12V @ / 55mA @ -12V