Noise Square (aluminium)

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Versatile Analogue & Digital Noise / Square Wave Source

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The Bastl Instruments Noise Square is versatile generator of noises and square wave signals. There are two analog noise generators: WHITE noise and PINK noise. All other sound sources are generated digitally.

There is a METALIC noise which is 6 oscillator sound bank similar to 808 but generated digitally (with analog summing) and with TUNE including CV control option. The DIGITAL noise output has adjustable TUNE and CV control. SQUARE and COW outputs have one square wave signal in common and the COW output has another square signal added in specific ratio to it to get the cowbell sound easily.

There are 2 CV inputs for controlling the digital sound sources. For the first CV input there is a switch to select whether it controls the METALIC noise or DIGITAL noise tuning. The second CV input is dedicated to both the SQUARE and COW outputs. The CV inputs reacts in range 0-10V.


  • ¬†2 analog noise generators WHITE and PINK
  • 4 digital signal sources
  • SQUARE output
  • COW output (double square out)
  • METALIC output (digital 808 cymbal noise)
  • DIGITAL output (with tuning)
  • digital signals with multiple square components are summed in analog
  • tune controls for METALIC, DIGITAL and SQUARE (applies also to COW)
  • common CV input for SQUARE and COW signals
  • another CV input with switch to select whether it affects METALIC or DIGITAL
  • CV inputs reacts in 0-10V range


NOTE: This module requires +5v to be provided by your PSU in order to operate correctly.
Width: 5hp
Depth: 35mm
Power: 15mA @ +12V / 15mA @ -12V / 20mA @ +5v