NerdSeq More Video-IO Expander (Black/Grey)

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Video expander for the XOR Electronics NerdSEQ tracker sequencer

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This is the More Video-IO Expander for the XOR Electronics NerdSEQ tracker sequencer.

It adds an HDMI (Type A) or Composite breakout for the NerdSEQ screen as well as a USB Host input for connecting a Computer/PC Keyboard. The video outputs are currently able to perfectly clone the NerdSEQ screen as well as some experimental visual generation (visual functions are currently very limited, unfinished and experimental, but will be more advanced on the way…).

The keyboard layout has been optimized to provide all NerdSEQ functions directly together with additional live editing and performance possibilities.

Currently the USB Host port supports only a USB Computer-Keyboard. There is no USB Midi support with the Video-IO Expander. (The USB-Midi expander is another future product)

Further info:

  • The expander uses one NSA Port (fixed port 4).
  • This is not a standalone product. It works only together with the NerdSEQ.
  • The More Video-IO expander will be delivered with 2 ribbon cables for the interconnection.
  • Please be aware that it does NOT ship with an HDMI cable.

NOTE: This requires the main XOR Electronics NERDSEQ sequencer module in order to function!

Width: 6hp
Max Depth: 42mm
Power: 60mA @+12V / 0mA @-12V