MTX9A Pin Matrix (Active Version)

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81 Point Pin Matrix for Routing of Audio & Control Signals. Includes the MTX9A active buffer board.

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NOTE: This version of the MTX9 includes the active expander card (MTX9A) pre-installed. This adds unity mixing and buffered splitting to the unit. Requires +/-12v power.

The Future Sound Systems MTX9 presents a new take on an old classic – the pin matrix, famously incorporated into EMS and Maplin synthesizer designs. The MTX9 provides 9 inputs and 9 outputs to be patched to one another, whilst allowing for buffered splitting of one input to several outputs and unity summing of several inputs to one output (or more).

Each component of the matrix has been designed to use standard parts – the pins are 2mm banana test plugs and all cards of the matrix are easily replaceable.

The MTX9 is supplied with a dry-wipe marker and 10 banana pins as standard, with spares available from FSS.


  • 9 Inputs
  • 9 Outputs
  • Buffered splitting / multing of single signals to multiple outputs
  • Unity mixing of inputs
  • 1K-ohm resistance across matrix
  • Affordable expansion possible via additional pins

NOTE: The functionality of the cheaper MTX9A Pin Matrix  is very similar to that of the standalone MTX8 Рbut for ease of comparison we have noted the main differences below:

  • The MTX8 adds a standalone case & internal power supply.
  • The MTX8 uses standard (6.35mm) jack sockets, whereas the MTX9 uses the usual minijack sockets found in Eurorack (3.5mm).
  • The “MTX8 Guitar” also offers an instrument preamp.

The MTX9 is a great way of adding pin matrix-style patching to your Eurorack system without breaking the bank!

Width: 24hp
Depth: 55mm (including ribbon cables)
Power: 110mA @ +12v / 110mA @ -12v