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6-Channel Trigger Sequencer / Clock Divider, with CV Inputs, Pulse Width & Swing

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MITO (derived from “mitosis”) is a 6 channel trigger sequencer that specializes in swingin’, divide’n, n’ polyrhythm’n.

With the turn of a knob, the user can select which division of the incoming clock (BANG!) is output from the corresponding jack (all the way left: divide by 16, all the way right: divide by 1). Each channel is equipped with its own mute switch, allowing the user to turn each individual sequence on and off while other channels keep chuggin’ and clockin’ along. Global swing can be controlled with the Amoeba knob in the top right hand corner of the module.

Beneath the Amoeba knob, a global pulse width feature allows the user to  lengthen and shorten pulse length of all 6 channels at the same time. This feature is particularly useful when paired with the Muskrat & Kriket, or any other module that reacts proportionally to incoming pulse length.

Last but not least, the RESET input will set all division counts back to zero to square up your groove. Each channel will be held HIGH as long as the incoming voltage is HIGH. This RESET capability allows you to get even more odd metered grooves as it is not dependent on the internal clock of MITO.

All features on MITO can be controlled with bipolar CV, allowing for a wide range of modularity and flexibilty. When paired with a bipolar voltage generator, each knob on the module becomes the anchor point of the groove. As the voltages shift around, creating rhythmic variations by adding and subtracting CV, the position of the knob will dictate how busy or relaxed the groove is. For playability sake, this patching approach is what led to the decision to have the pots as offsets rather than attenuators on MITO. Everything from simple poly-rhythmic structures to nonsensical spewing and sputtering are now at your finger tips with this lovely duo.

Something we considered when coding the module was avoiding the use of averaging to determine master clock tempo. In a performance setting when averaging is used, it often translates to the module taking a few pulses to calculate the overall clock speed. With MITO, the divisions are calculated in an “analog” fashion, step by step with each individual clock pulse.

Features include:

  • Six channel clock divider with bipolar CV
  • Divide by 16 to divide by 1 capability
  • Mute switch per channel
  • Global swing
  • Global Pulse Width
  • Reset input
  • Division calculated immediately per step (no averaging)
  • Wide panel spacing for playability
  • Current limiting and diode protection
  • Skiff friendly: low-power and shallow mounting depth
  • Arduino compatible with ISP header on back for reprogramming


Width: 18hp

Depth: 20mm

Power: 70mA @+12v / 40mA @-12v