Minimod Glide & Noise mk.2 (Dark Edition)

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Model D Glide, Hold & Noise

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There is a lot of power and functionality contained within this deceptively small 6hp module from AJH Synth. It features both the Glide and the Noise generator circuitry from the vintage Model D synthesiser.

The MiniMod glide uses a discrete dual FET circuit, which includes a “Hold” function that can gate the glide effect. Glide is only active when the Hold CV input is high, so if the hold input is connected to the gate output of a Midi/CV convertor then the glide will be active only while the key is actually depressed, emulating the exact behaviour of the original Model D synthesiser.

We have also increased the versatility of the module by adding Glide Up only and Glide Down only modes in addition to the standard Glide Up & Down mode of the original circuit.

The Noise Generator is completely separate from the Glide circuitry. There are three outputs: two are intended for audio use, offering White and Pink Noise; a third offers Red Noise, intended for use as a fluctuating control voltage. The noise source itself is all analogue and uses a specially selected transistor in avalanche mode which is amplified and filtered by discrete transistor based circuitry.

Width: 6hp
Depth: 54mm
Power: 35mA @+12v / 35mA @-12v