Minimod Gain Switch Multi (Dark Edition)

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Dedicated Switch Module for Minimod VCF/VCA Gain Jumper Settings, plus 6-way Multiple

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AJH Synth have had quite a few customers asking if we can make the gain jumpers on the MiniMod VCF and VCA modules accessible from the front panel, so this 2HP module aims to address this.

The Gain Switch Multi has two switches which connect to the gain jumpers on the VCA and VCF. Switch “up” is the same as having the gain jumper in place, switch “down” is the same as removing the jumper, and gives higher gain.

Using these switches gives a similar effect to the old “headphone out to external input” trick on the original Model D but with a much wider overdrive range, particularly from the VCA.

As an added bonus, AJH Synth have also included a six way passive multi.

Width: 2hp
Depth: TBC
Power: N/A (passive)