Mimetic Digitalis (Silver)

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Complex CV step sequencer optimized for live use

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The Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis is a 10HP step sequencer optimized for live use. MD includes four individually editable CV outputs and a trigger out. Each step can be manually programmed or use MD to live record CV sequences using the encoder. The zero button mutes the CV at a step and shred randomizes the voltage. Save and load up to 16 patterns. Edit a pattern and use UNDO to return to the unedited version.


  • Step Display: the 4×4 grid shows the step position.
  • Outputs: T: Outputs a trigger each time MD advances a step.
  • 1-4: Four selectable, individually editable CV outputs.
  • Trigger inputs: MD has a variety of trigger inputs to allow control over the Cartesian coordinates of the steps. Use as many inputs as you like or simply use the manual trigger buttons below.
  • N: Advances MD to the next step in the full 16-step progression.
  • X: Advances MD to the next step in the current row, but will only move horizontally.
  • Y: Advances MD to the next step in the current column, but will only move vertically.
  • R: Advances MD to a random step
  • O: Advances MD to the origin (step 1)
  • CV In: Three inputs allow CV control over step position. CV N will vary across the entire 16-step range. CV X will only vary within a given row, while CV Y will control across a column.
  • Stop/Run: In Stop mode, MD will pause on a step so that each step can be tuned to the desired tone or value. Use the encoder (Edit) to set the value. Use the Step Selectors (see below) to advance steps to continue programming. MD will continue to track the clock input; when Run mode is resumed, it will continue in the appropriate place. In Run mode, MD advances a step each time it receives a trigger. MD live records edits made to values while in Run mode.
  • Edit: an encoder to set CV values for the selected channel(s). The default is fine. Push and turn for coarse values. The encoder is detented so that each step is a semitone.
  • Channel Selectors 1-4: toggle buttons to select or deselect the channel to be edited. Double tapping a button will deselect all other channels (channel solo). If no channel is selected, turning the Edit encoder will not affect any outputs.
  • Undo: Reverts all changes to the last pattern that was loaded (this is the same as loading the most recently loaded pattern).
  • Step Selectors Next, X, Y, Rand, Origin: Manual buttons to advance MD in specific directions. Buttons work in both Run and Stop mode. If no trigger input is used, use buttons to advance steps manually.
  • Load/ Save: MD can store up to 16 sets of CVs (all 4 outputs are stored together). The 16 save slots correspond to the steps on the Step Display. To load or save, hold the button down and use the encoder to dial to the slot you want to load from or save to. Tap the encoder to select which slot and save. After power cycle, MD will load the last saved state. Zero: zeros the value for the current step. Hold down to zero multiple steps.
  • Shred: Press to assign a random value to a step. Hold down to shred multiple steps.

We’ve also added a few quick, stealthy combo moves for things we think you’ll use a lot. Things we use a lot – Combo Moves:

  • Load + Shred: instant shred of all 16 steps
  • Load + Zero: instant zero of all 16 steps
  • Zero + Shred: Pitch Shred. shred current step but restrict the voltages to one octave.
  • Load + Zero + Shred: Pitch shred entire pattern.

In addition, the first 8 patterns can be quick saved/loaded through combo moves. These are mapped to the buttons on MD:

  • Save/Load + 1: fast save/load pattern 1
  • Save/Load + 2: fast save/load pattern 2
  • Save/Load + 3: fast save/load pattern 3
  • Save/Load + 4: fast save/load pattern 4
  • Save/Load + Next: save/load pattern 5
  • Save/Load + X: fast save/load pattern 6
  • Save/Load + Y: fast save/load pattern 7
  • Save/Load + Rand: fast save/load pattern 8

Width: 10hp
Depth: 21mm
Power: 75mA @ +12v / 26mA @ -12v