MIDI to Trigger

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Simple-to-use MIDI to trigger module, with optional clock output

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Erica Synths MIDI to Trigger module lets you control your drum modules and trigger events on your modular from any MIDI sequencer!


  • Converts MIDI notes into Trigger signals
  • 8 Trigger outputs
  • LED indication of active Triggers
  • Easy assignment of MIDI notes to triggers
  • Configurable MIDI channel
  • Switchable MIDI clock output
  • Diode protection on reversed power supply

If you want to use a MIDI sequencer to trigger events on your modular synthesizer (e.g. using the hexinverter.net Mutant drums range, Tiptop Audio classic drum modules or envelope generators to control VCAs), Erica Synths MIDI to Trigger module is just what you need, it converts ANY MIDI notes to eight 10ms Trigger signals.

When designing the module, we put usability as priority; it will take you seconds to program the module. It works with any MIDI sequencer & controller so there is no need to change MIDI controller settings, instead, you reprogram the module.

Width: 6hp
Depth: 25mm
Power: 15mA @ +12V / 0mA @ -12V