M3 x 6mm Eurorack Screws (Set of 50)

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M3 x 6mm Stainless Steel Eurorack Screws (Set of 50)

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A set of 50 nice, shiny M3 screws suitable for most Eurorack cases. They measure 6mm from behind the screw head, and are magnetic (handy for extracting them from your case with a magnetic screwdriver when you’ve dropped them into it by mistake!)

You’d be surprised how many unsuitable screws (and washers) we’ve ended up with over the years, because the product details on huge electronics websites can be a little, err…. “approximate”: they’ve ended up being non-magnetic; a dull matte finish when the photo shows them as being nice & shiny;  length measured to INCLUDE the screw head, rather than just the shaft itself; overly large screwhead etc…

So we’ve taken some photos ourselves, and shown them in situ to give you an idea how they look on their own, and specifically with our WASHERS (again, we’ve had a ton of unsuitable washers as well in the past, as often those too are inaccurately described – with stock images showing completely different ones! Nothing worse than a HUUUGE washer on a tiny screw…..but that *could* just be me…. )

These screws are suitable for cases from Doepfer, Arturia, Tiptop Audio & many more brands. Please check the specification of your case (or rails) prior to purchasing, as some brands use M2.5 screws instead, the threaded shafts of which which are slightly narrower.

Thread: M3 
Screw Length: 6mm (length from behind screwhead)
Pack size: 50 pieces