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M3 Eurorack Screws with Rubber Washers (Set of 40)

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M3 x 6mm Stainless Steel Eurorack Screws with Rubber Washers (Set of 40)

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If you buy lovely brand-new Eurorack modules, it is always advisable to invest in some washers to put on your screws. Using these will avoid the dreaded “rack rash” that can result from mounting the modules in your case. This cosmetic damage to the faceplates can reduce the secondhand sale price, and cause issues if you decide to return a module to a shop.

However – one EXTREMELY irritating issue with most washers is that they have a tendency to fall off every time you unscrew a module from your case, ending up on the floor …or inside your system.

These screws feature integrated rubber washers which don’t fall off, and are a dream for users who often re-arrange their systems (you know who you are….!)

The screws themselves are magnetic – handy for repeated installation during case re-arranging – and have a pleasingly shiny appearance which can help unify the look of your system (there’s nothing worse than seeing the multiple different types of screw heads supplied with your modules poking through your shiny faceplates! Maybe that’s just me though….)

Highly recommended!

Tested fine – with washers on – in Doepfer (LC9, Monster Base, Mini Case, P6) and Ginko Synthesese cases.
Washers would need to be removed for use with Tiptop Z-Rails, found in Happy Ending Kits (these rails are deeper)

Thread: M3 
Screw Length: 6mm (with no washer)
Washer Thickness: 1mm
Pack size: 40 pieces