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Mid/side processor

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The LRMSMSLR from Worng Electronics brings the power of mid/side processing to the world of Eurorack. Mid/side processing is a powerful tool often utilised in mastering studios; it takes a stereo signal and separates it into the mid and side elements, allowing you to independently process them and then recombine them into a stereo signal.

Used creatively this allows a sound designer to do anything from using two filters with differing responses on a stereo signal without having to perfectly match them for a balanced stereo response, to using a VCA to modulate the stereo width at audio rates to add harmonics to a stereo signal, to techniques which haven’t even been invented yet. The inputs and outputs are DC coupled so the LRMSMSLR can be used to get a sum and difference from two CV signals to create complex dynamic CV signals from simple LFOs and envelopes.

Width: 4hp
Max Depth: 50mm
Power: 15mA @+12V / 15mA @-12V