Loquelic Iteritas Percido (Silver)

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Complex Digital Drum Voice with Integrated Envelope Control, 2 Inter-related VCOs, 3 Synthesis Modes, a Wavefolder, Sync Inputs & Highly-Intuitive Interface

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The Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas Percido is an extension of the original Loquelic Iteritas. Like Loquelic Iteritas, it is a digital VCO with interpretations of three classic synthesis algorithms involving dual pitch control parameterized by four tone controls. LIP adds an envelope that can be shaped and routed to pitches and tone controls, making it into a free-standing voice.

For details on the original LOQUELIC ITERITAS check HERE

Additional Features on the Loquelic Iteritas Percido:

Interface: Envelope

  • Shape controls the attack and decay of the envelope. All the way CCW, the envelope is all decay; all the way CW, attack dominates. Turning the knob transitions between these two extremes gradually.
  • Curve controls the shape of the curve: CCW gives an exponential curve, while CW gives a logarithmic curve. In the center, the shape is linear.
  • Time controls the length of the envelope

Interface: Mode

  • Trig In – Trigger mode, LIP expects a trigger input to start the envelope. LIP triggers on the rising edge and expects a voltage of about 3v.
  • Loop – In loop mode, the envelope will continually regenerate. A trigger in will hard reset it on the rising edge; without a trigger in, it will regenerate based on the parameters set on LIP.
  • Free – Free-running mode is the original Loquelic Iteritas. Oscillators will continue to run. A trigger in will still reset the envelope on the trigger rising edge, but will not affect the volume.

Interface: Misc

  • Every parameter, mode, algorithm, envelope send & pitch can be voltage controlled
  • Envelope Controls – six attenuverters that route envelope to pitches and parameters. Positioned at 12:00, the envelope is off and does not route to a parameter. Fully CCW results in an inverted envelope send. Fully CW yields full positive send.
  • Trigger – Input to trigger LIP. The envelope also resets (in any mode) when LIP receives a trigger.
  • Envelope Out – Output to send envelope to other modules. HIT Momentary button to manually trigger LIP. When depressed, LIP behaves like it received a rising edge on a trigger.
  • Audio Out – the AC-coupled audio output.


Width: 20hp
Depth: 26mm
Power: A jumper selects using +5V from the power supply, or generating +5V on-board from the +12V rail.
With external 5v selected: 80mA @ +12v / 5mA @ -12v / 90mA @ +5v
With internal 5v selected : 150mA @ +12v / 5mA @ -12v / 0mA @ +5v