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Utility Module Featuring: Buffered Multiple, 2-Channel Summer/ Splitter, 3 Input Mixer

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Mutable Instruments LINKS provides 3 utility functions focused on signal distribution and mixing.

  • 1:3 is a 3-output buffered multiple, with an offset error < 0.1%. It is useful for distributing the voltage from a CV output with a large protection resistor to several modules – particularly VCOs.
  • 2:2 is a 2-input summer with unity gains (also known as a precision adder). The sum of the two input channels is distributed to 2 outputs.
  • 3:1 is a 3-input mixer with a gain of 1/3 for each channel (averager). It is particularly suitable for rapidly mixing audio sources such as oscillators, for which a unity gain mixer would have caused clipping.


This section of the module is a buffered multiple. The signal patched to the IN input is duplicated, without voltage drop, to each of the three OUT outputs.

This section can be used to send the note CV from a keyboard, sequencer or MIDI interface to several VCOs; but it can also distribute an audio signal or modulation to several modules.


This section acts as a precision adder/mixer and as a multiple. The two signals patched in the IN inputs are added, and the result is made available on each of the two OUT outputs.

It is of course possible to use this section as a 1:2 multiple – when only one of the IN inputs is left unpatched.

Because this section uses a precision adder circuit, it is possible to use it to transpose a note CV: for example, patch the CV output of a sequencer to the first input, and the CV output of a keyboard to the second input. Patch the output(s) to (a) VCO(s). With this patch, the sequence is transposed by the keyboard.

Audio or modulation signals can also be mixed and/or multed by this section.


This section acts as an averager. The three signals sent to each of the IN inputs are mixed together, with a gain of 1⁄3 applied to the mix. It is particularly useful for mixing audio signals without causing clipping.

A 2-color output monitoring LED is available for each of these functions. All inputs are DC-coupled.

Width: 4hp
Depth: 25mm
Power: 15mA @ +12V @ / 15mA @ -12V