HATS909 Hi-Hats

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TR-909 Closed & Open Hi-Hats Module

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The HATS909 is Roland’s TR-909 Closed and Open Hi-Hats sound generator adapted for modular synthesizer use. The front panel contains all of the controls found on the original TR-909 drum machine, allowing you full control over the sound’s volume levels to mix with other drums and accent levels. In addition to those original controls there are also new controls, further enhancing this legendary sound generator.

CV inputs allow for modulating frequency or amplitude. Besides the processed sound the raw sample can be output as well.

Just as in the original circuitry of the TR-909 the 6Bit LoFi samples are processed thru analog components to provide analog filtering and an envelope to the sound. The 909/RAW switch can bypass the processing and in RAW switch position the raw sample is played.

The Tune parameter control by a CV and a potentiometer how fast the sample is read out which ranges from crushed sounds to high-pitched short ticks. Another CV input with selectable destination provides frequency modulation or amplitude modulation by oscillators, CV-signals or other audio signals. An accent input is available too, of course.

Like all TipTop Audio drum modules the Hats 909 has pulse shapers at the gate inputs for providing a and loud pulse and thus provide a stable sound at peak power regardless of your pulse source. A high-powered output gain stage allows you to further to harmonize the sound using distortion and clipping.

Width: 8hp
Depth: 36mm
Power: 33mA @ +12V @ / 22mA @ -12V