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Three Channel Rhythmic Trigger Generator, using Voltage Controlled Musical Algorithms

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Mutable Instruments GRIDS is a three-channel algorithmic trigger generator, based on compressed representations of drum patterns and their variations. Most generated patterns will work best with channel 1 = BD, channel 2 = SD, channel 3 = HH or percussion, though variations are possible!

Obviously you are by no means tied to these options, and could send the outputs to wherever you want – random percussive sounds, sequencer / Sample+Hold clock inputs, logic modules, lowpass gates, clock dividers – the list is endless! Think of Grids as a quick and easy way of producing interesting and organic patterns, which can then serve as the centrepiece for an exciting rhythmic patch.

Take the user interface of an euclidean sequencer, a healthy dose of machine learning and graph algorithms, megabytes of drum loops, hours of intensive computations and you’ve got a drum pattern generator like no other.

Grids’ “brain” is a map of the typical drum patterns used in (mostly electronic) music, laid out by similarity, trained on a large corpus of drum loops. The module can smoothly interpolate and navigate from one pattern to the other, at the whim of a knob move or a CV.

Basic rhythms can be achieved, but thousands of variations can also be intuitively generated by controlling the “event density” of each of the 3 channels (bd, sd, hh) – gradually moving from a sparse backbone to a deliciously rich pattern with ghost notes, rolls and fills.

Add CV-control on these parameters and you can add subtle or drastic variations to the drum pattern. If you don’t want to waste a noise source or S&H for that, Grids has its own internal source of randomness that can unpredictably spice the pattern, in an always meaningful way.

Width: 16hp
Max Depth: 
Power: 25mA @ +12V / 1mA @ -12V