Fractio Solum (Silver)

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CV-controlled clock divider and multiplier with intuitive ratio display.

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The Noise Engineering Fractio Solum is a simple and easy-to-use clock divider/multiplier. Patch a clock to the In jack, dial in a fraction with the encoder, and you’re off!

CV over ratio opens up an extra level of clocking and sequencing power.

FS also includes a mute feature, a reset input, x2 and /2 outs that further divide and multiply the selected ratio by 2, and a BOC output that outputs a trigger each time the division starts a cycle.


  • Out/In (display): These two numbers indicate the selected clock ratio. The display can be thought of as a fraction: for instance, if ¾ is displayed, 3 triggers will be output at the Out jack for every 4 triggers that are input at the In jack.
  • Ratio: Sets the division/multiplication ratio.
  • Ratio (press): Activates a mute on all outputs. Pressing again unmutes the clock while keeping everything in time and phase.
  • In: Clock input.
  • RST: Reset input. Resets the clock cycle to the beginning
  • Out: Clock output based on ratio shown on the Out/In displays.
  • x2: Identical to Out but twice the rate.
  • /2: Identical to Out but half the rate.
  • BOC: Outputs a trigger at the beginning of each clock cycle, based on the /2 output. This means that the main Out jack will complete two cycles every time BOC fires.
  • 1-23-N/M: Selects a subset of ratios that can be selected with the encoder or CV. See tables in the MANUAL for a full lists of ratios.

Width: 4hp
Depth: 21mm
Power: 50mA @ +12v / 14mA @ -12v