FoMu Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple

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Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple for distributing CV & audio signals

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£2.99 (£2.49 ex VAT)

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Multiples are extremely handy, but sometimes it is hard to find the space for them – especially in small, portable systems. These cable splitters will allow you to take one cable/ signal and split it off to 5 separate destinations – without using up any valuable case space!

These feature stereo sockets, but will work equally well with mono cables, as the “ring” connector is simply ignored when a mono cable is plugged in – as is the case on any piece of music tech equipment that can accept both balanced/stereo or unbalanced/mono cables (mixers, effects units, interfaces, etc..)


  • 1 input / 5 outputs (any socket can be used as the input)
  • Compatible with mono cables, for use as a modular multiple
  • Compatible with stereo cables, for use as headphone splitter (small cable supplied)
  • 3.5mm sockets
  • Suitable for CV or audio signals
  • Available in different colours
  • Extremely cost-effective option
  • Avoids wasting case space