FoMu Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple BLACK

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One Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple in BLACK. Splits 1 mono (or stereo) audio signal or CV source to up to 5 destinations.

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Multiples are extremely handy, but sometimes it is hard to find the space for them Рespecially in small, portable systems. These cable splitters will allow you to take one cable/ signal and split it off to 5 separate destinations Рwithout using up any valuable case space!

These FoMu splitters feature stereo sockets, but will work equally well with mono cables, as the “ring” connector is simply ignored when a mono cable is plugged in – as is the case on any piece of music tech equipment that can accept both balanced/stereo or unbalanced/mono cables (mixers, effects units, interfaces, etc..)


  • 1 input / 5 outputs (any socket can be used as the input)
  • Compatible with mono cables, for use as a modular multiple
  • Compatible with stereo cables, for use as headphone splitter (small cable supplied)
  • 3.5mm sockets
  • Suitable for CV or audio signals
  • Available in different colours
  • Extremely cost-effective option
  • Avoids wasting case space