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Cost-effective combination of Dual Filter, Mixer and VCA

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The Dreadbox Eudemonia is a cost-effective combination of Dual Filter, VCA and Mixer in 10hp.


  • 3 to 1 mixer
  • Dual Filter in series
  • 24dB resonant Low Pass Filter with 1v/oct CV control
  • 18dB non-resonant High Pass Filter
  • Exponential VCA with peak indicator (above 10pp)
  • LED indicator for all controls to illustrate the current CV Sum

Useful Notes:

  • The Low Pass Filter is a 24dB/ocv (4-pole) resonant one, while the High Pass Filter is an 18dB/ocv non-resonant
  • The VCA LED, will go from Orange to Red when the Output Level exceeds +/-5V
  • When sending a 10Vpp Input to the Mixer, the Mixer Level should be at about 50% so as to get a nice clean output. Over that, a Filter overload may occur.

Width: 10hp
Depth: 35mm
Power: 61mA @ +12V @ / 69mA @ -12V