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ES-6 mk.2

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6 Channel Lightpipe/ADAT Interface for Silent Way or similar, for CV Signal INPUT & Recording

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The Expert Sleepers ES-6 is the counterpart to the ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface, offering 6 channels of CV input with output via an optical lightpipe connection, with a further 2 inputs possible via the ES-7 expander. It can also be used with the ES-8.

As with the ES-3, the ES-6 also works well for audio signals, with conversion quality on a par with a regular audio interface.

Potential Use:

  • Use multiples or stackcables to duplicate the various modulation signals (sequencers, random voltages, LFOs etc..) within your modular patch, sending the multed outputs into the ES-6’s inputs.
  • Jam away as normal, recording a “take” of these CV signals into your DAW.
  • Once recorded, you can then play this back out of the ES3’s outputs and reproduce the original CV signals.
  • This obviously opens up possibilities for editing & looping the recorded modulation – much like you can when using a large recording console to write and edit automation. You retain the human touch during recording, but have the luxury of editing afterwards!

The ES-6 itself has 6 input sockets; a further 2 channels can be provided by an optional expansion module e.g. the ES-7.

PLEASE NOTE: a connected ES-3 or ES-8 is required for operation. The ES-6 gets its clock signals from the ES-3 (which derives them from its lightpipe input) or ES-8 (which has an internal clock).

Width: 4hp
Depth: 50mm
Power: 103mA @ +12v / 52mA @ -12v