Expert Sleepers MIDI Breakout

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MIDI Breakout Expansion for Expert Sleepers Disting mk.4

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The Expert Sleepers MIDI BREAKOUT (formerly the ‘Disting mk4 MIDI breakout’) is a passive breakout module which exposes the MIDI ports of various Expert Sleepers modules as 5-pin DIN sockets, in order to interface with your external MIDI devices.

It can be connected and used with any Expert Sleepers devices with MIDI headers on their PCBS – currently these are the DISTING MK4, DISTING EX, GENERAL CV & FH-2.

MIDI “Low-Voltage Signaling”

When MIDI was first conceived, standard logic circuits ran at 5V, and the initial hardware reference designs worked on this assumption. However, there is nothing in the MIDI standard that actually requires a specific voltage, since it operates as a current loop via an opto-isolator.

Nowadays it is much more common for logic to run at 3.3V or lower. The MIDI Manufacturers Association has now released a reference hardware design based on 3.3V, which they call the “Low-Voltage Signaling” standard, and it is this that the disting mk4 uses.

The disting is therefore fully compatible with any device that adheres strictly to the MIDI specification, but may not be with devices that play fast and loose with the spec and assume 5V.

Controlling the disting mk4 via MIDI

In addition to any algorithm-specific MIDI implementation, there are common MIDI controls shared by all algorithms. These are as follows.

MIDI BREAKOUT connection:

disting midi breakout connection