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Tempo Synced Digital Delay, featuring: Freeze/ Hold, Analogue Feedback Send & Return, Multiple Delay Modes.

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Chronoblob is a digital delay module!

Unlike most delays, Chronoblob can sync to an external clock. Patch one into the SYNC input and choose a multiplier/divider for rhythmic delays….or don’t bother and just sweep TIME for traditional, continuously variable delay times.

Chronoblob’s OTA-based analog FEEDBACK circuit is CV-controllable and can be pushed up to and beyond unity for near-infinite decay or harsh saturating feedback. The guts of the feedback loop are made available to you, the discerning modular enthusiast, via the SEND and RETURN jacks. Patch in a lowpass filter for smooth, shadowy echoes, or cop two blobs and get yr pingpong on! Use the equal-power crossfading dry/wet control to dial in your mix.

Chronoblob’s mode switch selects its response to delay time changes. Throw the switch up to select resampling mode and get sweeping pitch effects reminiscent of a tape loop or BBD. With the switch down, Chronoblob smoothly crossfades between delay taps for quicker, more subtle changes. Patch in a clock and sequence the TIME CV input in this mode for rhythmic ratcheting delays!

Chronoblob also uniquely features a HOLD switch and gate input to freeze the audio buffer. Punch it in and modulate TIME for mad stutter and glitch!


  • Syncable delay time with clock multiplier/divider
  • CV and manual control of buffer hold
  • Analogue OTA-based Feedback loop, with send and return patch-points
  • Equal-power crossfading dry/wet control
  • Input overload LED (20 Vpp max)
  • Voltage control of delay time (with attenuverter) and feedback level
  • Resampling and crossfading delay modes
  • Settings for hold switch behavior and clock prescaler
  • Audio bootloader for firmware updates
  • Skiff friendly
  • 16 bit, 48khz audio
  • Faceplate design by Papernoise

Check the MANUAL for full details.


Width: 10hp

Depth: 30mm

Power: 90mA @ +12V @ / 30mA @ -12V