Black Stereo Mixer v.2 (Discounted Stock)

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Flexible Stereo Mixer, featuring Mono Merge Switches, and 1 Mono Channel with VC-Panning

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Erica Black Stereo Mixer is the perfect solution if your system features several modules with stereo inputs or outputs – something that is becoming much more common in Eurorack lately. Examples include: Rossum MORPHEUS, Erica Synths BLACK HOLE DSP/ FUSION DELAY/ PICO DSP; Mutable Instruments CLOUDS/ ELEMENTS; Audio Damage SPECTRE/ KOMPRESSOR/ SHAPES/ DIMENSIONS; Tiptop Audio Z-DSP; Qu-Bit RT-60…and more

For extra flexibility, the MERGE switches on the first two stereo channels’ inputs to be summed into mono. This would allow for 2 mono inputs to be mixed together at equal levels in the centre if desired (instead of panned left & right). This mono sum is then mixed with the other stereo channels, and could be handy for mixing 2 drum sounds or VCA waves together, where individual control over level is not required. Obviously, you could also run one signal via an attenuator, to allow for level adjustment if required.

Erica Synths have designed this module in order to save rack space, and have produced a compact mixer with lot of useful, performance oriented features. v.2 of the module adds a selectable +6db boost on channels 1 & 2.

For even more functionality there is the BLACK PFL expander module, which adds pre-fade listening for all channels, along with a headphone output.


  • Volume adjustment on both channels
  • 3 stereo channels
  • 2 stereo channels with channel merge feature (merge L & R into mono)
  • 1 mono input with CV stereo panning
  • Selectable +6dB boost for IN1 and IN2 (v.2)
  • Stereo L & R outputs
  • Signal level LEDs
  • Optional PFL Expander with Headphone Output

Width: 10hp
Depth: 25mm
Power: 25mA @ +12V @ / 15mA @ -12V