Black Spring Reverb

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Spring reverb module with vactrol compressor, ability to use included internal spring tank and/or optional external one, plus a range of DSP-based feedback effects.

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Erica Synths Black Spring Reverb is a different take on spring reverberation units.

It has built in vactrol based audio compressor, and comes with a compact spring reverberation tank which can be easily installed in most Eurorack cases. In addition it can operate an external tank or a combination of both internal and external ones for effects unheard before.

In order to animate the reverb effect, the module has built-in feedback effects – pitch shifters, delay, ring-modulator, etc; feedback amount and effect parameters can be controlled manually and via CV, making the module an experimental instrument on its own.


  • Compact spring reverberation tank to install in a skiff case
  • Manually and CV controlled feedback amount
  • Vactrol-based compressor
  • 7 distinct feedback effects
  • Selection between internal, external reverberation tanks or combination of both
  • Feedback Send and Return jack sockets

The module is designed to be used with wide variety of spring tanks, but the best results will be using tanks with low input impendance – 8-200ohm.

Internal reverb tank dimensions: 190mm x 67mm x 24mm (30mm with spacers).

Width: 12hp
Depth: 30mm
Power: 43mA @ +12v / 71mA @ -12v