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Black M3 Thumb-screws with Washers (Tin of 30)

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Black M3 Thumb-screws with Washers (Tin of 30)

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These rack thumb-screws for Eurorack can be screwed by hand for quick changes, or you can use a standard Phillips (crosshead) screw driver.

Each black steel screw comes fitted with a black nylon washer to protect your valuable modules from scratches.

They are size M3 and the screw’s threaded shaft is 8mm long (6mm long with washer fitted).

These screws are suitable for cases from Doepfer, Arturia, Tiptop Audio & many more brands. Please check the specification of your case (or rails) prior to purchasing, as some brands use M2.5 screws instead, the threaded shafts of which which are slightly narrower.

Thread: M3 
Screw Length: 8mm (no washer) / 6mm (with washer)
Pack size: 30 pieces