Black Joystick Controller

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Joystick Controller with Unipolar and Bipolar CV Outputs, plus 2 CV Inputs

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Erica Synths Joystick Controller is a manual command centre of your modular setup. It generates several sets of voltages and modifies incoming CV signals.

CV Input – any CV applied here will be added to X/Y settings of the joystick. Or in other words – X/Y motion will bias incoming CV to positive or negative side.

-5V or +5V is maximum bias, so incoming CV will clip against -5V or +5V.

The centre setting of the joystick gives 0V (there’s few degrees of “dead zone” around centre to ensure that you can return to 0V easily)


  • Four unipolar 0-10V CV outputs
  • Two bipolar -5V – +5V CV outputs
  • Two inverted -5V – +5V CV outputs
  • Two CV inputs
  • “Dead zone” in the joystick centre
  • setting for 0V CV output
  • Skiff friendly design


Width: 12hp

Depth: 30mm

Power: 25mA @ +12V / 25mA @ -12V